Griffon Hoverwork unveils The Wyvern at DSEI 2023
  • Capability Assurance Over Challenging Envrionments
  • High Speed Mobility & Response
  • Specialised Equipment Outfitting
  • Stable, Buoyant Work Platform

Hovercraft provide Border and Coast Guards access to shallow waters, inland coastal areas and areas blocked by environmental features such as ice, rapids, and mud. They take the most direct route to arrive on scene as fast as possible, whilst carrying the necessary equipment and machinery to complete the required task. 

Many Coastguard authorities around the World operate Griffon Hoverwork craft, as their unique capabilities enable Coastguard crew to perform their role far better than a conventional craft.



The Indian Coast Guard

Griffon Hoverwork’s largest operator is the Indian Coast Guard. In 2000 they placed an order for 6 x 8000TD, which has been followed by an order for a further 12 in 2010, bringing their total of 8000TDs to 18. The 18th and final craft was received in India in November 2014, and all 18 craft are currently operating over the length of India's extensive and complex coastline.


The hovercraft are deployed on various missions from search and rescue, surveillance, interdictions and assisting small boats in distress. The personnel on board protect Indian citizens from terrorists and safeguard the welfare and livelihoods of fishermen. The craft are stationed at various areas around the coastline of India, including Okha, Chennai, Mumbai and Mandapam, adding to the Coast Guard’s fleet of interceptor craft and interceptor boats. The Indian Coast Guard now have the capability to patrol the shoreline for three to four days at a time, landing on the beach to conduct surveillance with night vision equipment.

Indian Coast Guard Hovercraft on Patrol
Canadian Coast Guard

The Canadian Coast Guard has been a faithful customer to Griffon Hoverwork and a shining example of world class hovercraft operators since the 1960s, when they took delivery of their first five tonne SRN5.


The craft are used to traverse Canada's challenging frozen climate ,offering a solution for ice rescue, ice breaking, and general coast guard functions. 

Mamilossa AP188 Canadian Coast Guard