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Key Features
  • Twin Engine
  • 8,000 kg Payload
  • Vehicle Transport Capability
  • Marine Grade Aluminium Hull

The 8000TD is the best selling twin engine model in the Griffon Hoverwork range, with over 25 units built to date. Continuous development over more than 10 years has resulted in the most proven, versatile, twin-engine fully amphibious hovercraft, capable of carrying loads of up to 8,000kg.


Two turbocharged, radiator cooled diesel engines, driving large diameter, variable pitch, ducted propellers, along with the advanced skirt design, delivers fast, safe performance over a wide variety of terrains and conditions. The marine grade aluminium hull and advanced composite mouldings guarantee strength, reliability and longevity.

Length (Hovering)  22.52m
Beam (Hovering) 11m
Passengers 42-56
Payload 8,000kg