Griffon Hoverwork unveils The Wyvern at DSEI 2023
  • Unrestricted Amphibious Movement
  • Fast, Direct Response
  • Specialised Equipment Outfitting
  • High Speed

Challenging native terrain with low levels of infrastructure can dangerously reduce the ability to ensure effective border defence & security. To enable effective security and protection there can often be requirements to patrol, detect and respond to threats who look to take advantage of challenging terrain.


Hovercraft allow for users to operate in low infrastructure environments to ensure the protection of lives and nullify illegal operations even in the most remote areas of environmental transition. With their high speed and amphibious capability, hovercraft are uniquely suited to areas where it is difficult or impossible to operate conventional boats or vehicles.

Littoral Coastal Security - Indian Coast Guard

With the largest Griffon hovercraft fleet anywhere in the world, the Indian Coastguard operate 16 x 8000TDs along the shallow littoral landscape and 7,500km coast.


These craft have been involved in SAR, border patrol and counter narcotics operations. They also enhance surveillance and response in isolated areas with the capability to patrol the shoreline for three to four days at a time, landing on the beach to conduct surveillance with night vision equipment.


8000TD Indian Coast Guard Hovercraft
Shallow Water Patrol - Kuwait Border Guard

Having previously operated a fleet of small Griffon Hovercraft the Kuwait Coast Guard upgraded their fleet to include an 8100TD in 2008.


The coast guard use these craft to patrol the northern riverine areas and shallow waters around the flat uninhabited Bubiyan island and associated chains bordering Iraq. The hovercraft are used for customs and policing duties, as well as for search and rescue,   maritime pollution limitation and logistics support.


Kuwait Border Guard Hovercraft